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rentingforce offers your company a unique opportunity to achieve greater reach and more cost saving. Our software provides both owners of rental objects and affiliated distribution agencies unique advantages through full integration of all business-relevant processes.

In this User Guide we will cover all aspects of the booking platform, from running a search via administrating processes through to billing and accounting.

First what is a rental object? In general everything you and/or your company rent. This can be everything from sailing ships to footbikes and even houses. rentingforce can handle all of these. For the following sectors we provide adapted versions as renting sailing ships for example has slightly different requirements than renting bicycles:

  • Boats, ships and yachts
  • Vehicles from Cars to Classic Cars
  • Aircraft
  • Machines / Gadgets
  • Trucks, Transporters and Vans
  • Construction Machines and Facilities
  • Motorcycles / Trikes / Quads
  • RVs / Motorhome / Camper

We continuously enlarge this list to offer higher specializations. So if your company is renting in a different sector or missing features needed, please feel free to contact us. We are looking foward to offer you a solution.

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