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Agencies can be managed under the menu item "Master Agency". For each agency master data as address, language, welcoming and customer-ID can be set. The customer ID can be automatically set by its own pattern on the numbers generation - also specifically with private number range for agencies.

In addition, you can save contact information such as e-mail or multiple telephone, mobile or fax numbers and internal data such as bank account, comment or default payment method. It can be stored for each agency a tax ID.

It is recommended to store all by the agency sent documents in file management system of the agency. All by this agency arranged inquiries and reservations can be found under the tab transactions.

Navigate to the tab relation to adapt the privileges of the agency: you can limit the agency to various booking types.

Also the validity of reservations in days for this agency as well as the standard profit share (= commission rate) can be changed here.

If a new agency would make an online reservation, this record will not be automatically transferred to your agency base. Instead, you have the choice for this agency to merge it with an existing record to avoid duplicates, or simply import the agency in your agency base.

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