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You can automatically generate the following numbers:

  • Invoice number (in an operation)
  • Transaction Number
  • Customer Number
  • Article / item number (in warehouse management)
  • Stock Rotation Number (in warehouse management)
  • Cash Book Number (in cash book management)

You can adjust the logic of how the numbers are generated in your account settings.

It can be selected per number different placeholders. These are entered in the format field. In addition, document number ranges can be determined. A number range year means, for example, that it starts again at 1 in each year. But number ranges are often not possible for the year, but also pro permanent establishment or even per vehicle.

As seen in the graph, [[year, 4]], was used in formatting. [[year, 4]] is a placeholder and is changed by the year of booking. By paragraph 4 is expressed that the year will be displayed in their entirety, ie 2014. The placeholder [[number, 5]] means that the number is always made up to five digits. If the invoice number is 3, the system converts it to 00003. The number 22144 would therefore no longer be updated, as it already consists of five digits. The starting value of the counter indicates the first number. If the first number 1 to be, so a start value of the counter 0 is necessary.

In the booking, the invoice number is set automatically when you create then. This looks like the following example:

Automatically generated numbers can always be overwritten or changed by clicking on the auto field and enters its own number.

Important: It is not possible to assign a number in the system twice.

If you have questions about the number generation, do not hesitate to contact our support. We like to help you set up.

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