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A base (also designated as rental station or location) is a locally well-defined basis for rental properties.

In the master data, the address is stored. In the Settings tab, the time zone, the GPS position and other parameters can be set. Bases can be assigned to both a area and a permanent establishment. The area assignment is to help customers to be able to find the base better.

For example, a base called "Mallorca" would ideally be allocated to the sailing area Balearics. Bases must also be assigned to a permanent establishment. Establishments are fiscally important, especially when the question of who is biller incl. Address and tax information, such as tax number or tax rates.

An internal base means that this is not public, but, for example, only for the maintenance of rental properties available.

In the tab templates following texts can be stored:

  • Charter agreements with placeholders which will be replaced later in the automatically generated charter contract
  • Extra-text for booking confirmation
  • Payment conditions for customers and agencies

It is possible to link a base with another base. These are then clearly displayed in occupancy. This makes especially sense when Bases cooperate closely.

In the tab public settings images and files of the base can be managed, which were uploaded previously on the file management system (DMS). In addition, documents as base description among other things can be set here. All images and texts in this section are publicly viewable. You can find a file management system (DMS) under the tab files. You can store, for example, public descriptions for visitors but also internal files.

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