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On the booking plan you can administrate all your processes. After choosing a base all items actually placed there show up. Linked bases also show up with their items. You can scroll through the plan from year 2000 by scolling left continuously to year 2100 on the right. You are searching a specific date? Choose the date on the respective dropdown menu and the plan scrolls there for you.

New processes can be initiated here, too. Click the right mouse button over the start date and release it over the end date. A upcoming window asks you about the type of process. Every type of process is available here so handling should be easy.

You can open each process by clicking on it and view or change the details.

The different types of processes are marked with different colors in the booking plan:

  • Green: Request
  • Orange: Option / Reservation
  • Blue: Booking
  • Grey: Blocking
  • Red: Special Buy
  • Transparent (with arrows on it): Transfer
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