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Show Article: Business Hours

Business hours can be set up in rentingforce location dependend. This is done as follows:

1. Select  from "Master Data" -> "Bases"

2. Now choose the base, whose business hours you want to edit

3. Here you navigate through the "Business Hours" tab directly to the calender view of the base's business hours

4. Select by using the Drag and Drop function of the three different types of business hours (Open, Only pick-up, Only return) and drag them to the day you want to edit. Duration and time cane be adjusted manually afterwards. 

5. If you want your business hours to repeat weekly, you only have to click on the business hours, you want to adjust, and set the "Repeat" value to "Weekly"

If you don't want to administer your business hours in rentingforce, you can simply turn the function off. Justmove over "Configuration" to "Settings" and select the tab "General" and choose here Yes at "Ignore Opening Hours"

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