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3 years

Custom handover fields can be used to capture information about the transfer and the status of the objects. Examplesfrom different industries could be:

  • Clean interior (cars, camper vans, etc.)
  • Gas bottle included (for campers and caravans)
  • Number of tensioning straps (for trailers etc.)

The fields can be created and edited under Configuration => Custom Fields => Handover. Fields are maintained hierarchically, similar to Extras, so that adjustments can be made, for example, per object group or season.

Creating Fields

The following properties are available when you create fields:

  • Name: Displayed name of the field.
  • Priority: Sequence of fields, sorted in ascending order
  • Type: Text fields, numeric fields and checkboxes are available in the same way as custom fields.
  • PDF Placeholder Name: The name under which the field is available in the templates.
  • Text: An additional text, e.g. the caption of the checkbox
  • Active: Specifies whether the field is to be displayed.
  • Available at: A field can only be activated for handout or return.

Selection at Handover

The fields can be entered during the handover.

Display in Documents

The properties of the handover fields can be found as properties of the "". For example, if a field "comment" was selected as the PDF placeholder name, the value of the field is available for output under "rental.handoverFields.handout.comment.value", and the value for return under "rental.handoverFields.return.comment.value" (where "rental" must be an element of ""). Otherwise,[0] can also be used instead to use the first object of an operation).

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