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The damage management allows the management of damage to rental objects. Damages can be assigned to a transaction or a customer, but must must necessarily be assigned to a rental object (eg, vehicle, yacht or a rental property).

The Tab damage exists therefore not only in the object management, but also in the transaction management.

When you create a damage, besides the assignments mentioned above, a status and a date when the damage has been reported, can be entered.

In each case the damage can be additionally marked on an image. The damage image is first trying to load from the object data set, if there are none there, then from the collection and if there not, from the user's settings (menu item account).

The system tries to load this damage picture first from the object data set, if there isn't one, then from the object group data set and if there isn't one too, from the user's setting.

It is also possible to define your own categories of damage and add even additional damage properties.

The repair date, description, and also the cost can be changed at any time after the creation of damage.

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