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Discounts can be applied for any price catalog. In a transaction any number of discounts can be applied. rentingforce offers four logical discount types. This can be selected when creating the discounts in the price catalog or the default settings for discounts. For each discount you can specify either a percentage or grant a fixed price deduction.

Important: Again, the principle of inheritance applies. You can create discounts globally, that is, the discounts apply to all price catalogs. In this case, go to Defaults => Discounts and create the discount there. If you want to configure a discount for a certain price catalog, you can do that in the price catalog.

In addition, global discounts can also be disabled or overridden in each individual price catalog (set Available to No).

A discount always refers to the catalog price, even if several discounts, these all refer to the not yet discounted catalog price.

Last Minute: As the name suggests, this discount is granted if there are only a certain number of days until the booking starts. You can specify this number of days in your account settings.

Early bird: This discount is granted if there are at least a certain number of days until the booking starts. You can specify this number of days in your account settings too.

A simple definition of this discount is as follows:

Quantity: This discount is granted from a certain number of units (eg week). You can specify, from as many units (eg, weeks or days) the discount is granted.

In the following example, customers get 10% discount on the rent from a minimum of 14 nights. By selecting the Discount Scope it can be specified whether the discount should be granted on the entire cost of rental or just on the days thereafter.

Owner: This discount will be drawn when you create a booking, if the customer is registered as owner in the object. Otherwise, the owner status in the transaction itself can still be set to active.

In the last example, the Discount Level has been set. In this case, first all discounts are applied that have the discount level 0 or when no discount level is set.

Finally, the owner discount (with Discount Level = 1) is granted on the already discounted price.

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