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You can manage your internal and external domains on the Domains tab.

An internal domain is for example: (subdomain of rentingforce)
An external domain is for example: (your own domain)

Additional domains such as your own domain called "" can be added in rentingforce.

Your domain must have a CNAME record on "" pointing to rentingforce. A CNAME (Canonical Name or) record is an entry in the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies where a user can find a URL - in your case your website. The CNAME is used to link your domain to your website on rentingforce.

Please contact your web host or your technical advisor. There must be a CNAME record pointing from to If you have created the domain in rentingforce, this domain will be automatically used for your website.

Important: CNAMEs do not support "naked domains'. For this reason you can not, for example, refer to rentingforce. Please take care that the redirection from to is configured correctly.

If you have technical questions about setting up a CNAME entry or to manage your domains we are happy to help you.

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