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3 years

Extras can be grouped with the new Extra Groups function. This grouping is used for both online booking and manual creation of transactions.

Extra groups can be divided into three different modes:

Multiple Selection

The selection of the extras takes place as before. Any number of extras can be selected from the group.

Radio Buttons

The extras are displayed one below the other, but only one extra can be selected from the group.

Select Box

A select box for selecting the extras is displayed.


If an extra group is marked as mandatory (only radio buttons and selection box), the first extra is selected by default and there is no possibility for the customer not to book an extra from this group.

If an extra group of the two single selection modes is not mandatory, the text for the entry that resets the selection can be entered in the property "Empty / Deselect caption".

The extra groups can also be sorted, this is done in ascending order according to the "Position" property. For extras that are not assigned to a group, an extra group with sorting 0 is automatically created. Extra groups with a negative position value can be positioned in front of it.

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