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rentingforce has a hierarchical definition model for all types of price data (prices, extras, discounts, etc., hereafter referred to as prices). This means that prices, which are defined at some level, are,applied to all levels below. Changes to a price, that are defined on one level, are also present at all levels underneath.

This hierarchy is structured as follows:

  • Standards
    If a price is defined as a standard, it is available in all the catalogs, all years, all seasons etc.
  • Catalog
    If a price is defined on catalog level, it is only available in this catalog.
  • Season
    If the price is defined within a given season, it is only available for the season and not valid in other seasons.
  • Year
    If a prize is defined in one year or overwritten in this, the change affects this year and all subsequent years.
  • Object Group
    An adjustment of the price on object group level affects only on this object group.
  • Season assignment
    When one season is assigned several times a year, a price can be changed for a specific season allocation.

Regarding an example of a rental with two sites and different prices (weeks and daily rate), a reasonable definition could look like this:

  • The general definition of prices (weekly and daily price, no specific prices) will be done on standard level. Thus, the language variations and other conditions can be maintained centrally.
  • For the two price types (weekly and daily) catalogs are created, in which the respective seasons are assigned.
  • If the prices in different seasons are identical, a definition is reasonable on the annual level. Otherwise the definition can be done per season. In both cases, the prices in the next year are the same available to the previous year, but can be customized. Thus, the effort to maintain rates for the following years is minimized.

When displaying hierarchically inherited values are shown in light gray, while values defined at this level are dark gray. Not available Prices are crossed.

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