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Show Article: How can I activate the online booking for my rental objects?

If you want to offer your rental properties in the rentingforce pool (accessible for everybody)you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create a establishment. This is the address where all the processes were invoiced. You can apply different tax rates for example if you are operating in different countries and have different principal offices. Often the principal office is at the same address as the lending station.
  2. Create a base (lending station) and assign it to one of your principal offices for the billing. E.g. you are a car rental and have your principal office in Hamburg and three different bases in Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin where people can rent your cars. Use the description and the other possible options to present your bases and company at best.
  3. Create a object group to classify your rental property. Assuming the car rental again you have different 4 wheel driven cars, three-door or five-door cars. These are the object groups later containing your various cars like smaller SUVs in the 4 wheel driven car group.
  4. Set at least the standard pricing model. These prices should be highest and always apply if there is no other price available. Thereafter you can create different price catalogs with prices depending on seasons. Define the seasons in time. Specify the rates for different seasons keep in mind that in a case you have high prices during main season and the standard prices are cheaper than your assigned seasonal price the system automatically takes the standard price into consideration as it is cheaper.
    Optional: Define extras and extra prizes or discounts and discount prices for your catalogs.
  5. Create your rental objects and assign them to the appropriate bases where they should be available. Assign the object to the previously created object group. So the pricing is recognized automatically referring to your active catalogs.

If you set your item as active it is available for online booking.

Additional Tips:

  • Check your booking plan for requests, options and bookings
  • Always keep your information up to date and add pictures and individual characteristics to your rental items
  • Configure your master data for best presentation. E.g. upload a logo or change the stationery
  • Check the help on the right upper side in the menu or email us for support.
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