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Show Article: How can I set up deposit payments?

In order to model deposits in rentingforce, they must first be set up with the objects or object groups. The corresponding setting can be found in the "Master data" tab. For objects assigned to an object group, the deposit of the object group is taken if the corresponding checkbox for overwriting is not activated.

If an object is added to a booking, the corresponding deposit is transferred to the booking. After this process, it no longer automatically changes during adjustments in the object, but must be adapted accordingly in the process. It is also possible to adjust the deposit for individual bookings.

In order to take account of deposits also in the payment, these payment conditions can be added. This can either be added or subtracted proportionally or as a percentage.

Usually, a payment is made by the customer to the provider, which contains the deposit and is due at the beginning of the lease, and a second payment from the vendor to the customer, which also contains the deposit and is due at the end of the rental period. Thus, receivables in both directions can be displayed correctly.

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