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Show Article: How do automatic emails work?

The "Automatic Email" app sends a specific e-mail template at a specific time of a booking. To configure this, you must perform the following steps.

  • Create a corresponding e-mail template.
    If you want to send an existing template, it is also possible. For an overview of your templates, see Configuration > Templates > Emails.
    Ensure that the recipient is correctly set to the customer / agency. If you use attachments and attach documents that are not available in some configurations (reversals or similar), you can mark the document as "required" to prevent sending the e-mail without the document. If the e-mail is to be sent even if the document is missing, select the attachment as "optional".
  • Add an "Automatic Mail" app (Apps > Automatic Mail).
    There you first select the previously created email template. We recommend to leave the call interval at "daily", unless the exact time is of relevance when sending.
    The time of the delivery can now be set under time. As a recipient, you then select who should receive the e-mail.

How can I check if my mails are sent?

You can find all mails sent to your mailbox. In addition, you can set a default BCC, or a BCC receiver only on automatic e-mail template to get all mails to the customer.

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