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Show Article: How do I set up PayPal payment?

The integration of PayPal online payment into your account is done in three easy steps:

  1. Log in to with your PayPal-Account and create a new REST app. You can chose the name freely. When finished, you'll get a client id and a client secret. Please notice that there are two different pairs for sandbox mode and production mode. In sandox mode, transactions won't consist of real money.
  2. Go to Apps and add the PayPal app. Here you can also chose the name freely. In the next step, you can insert your client id and client secretyou received in the first step.​​​​​​

    Important: If you wish to only test the payment and not to receive real payments, please insert your sandbox credentials and activate the switch "Sandbox Mode". 
  3. Payment via PayPal is now available for your customers.
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