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Show Article: How do I set up as an online payment method?

There are several steps to be followed for a setup of (also known as Sofortüberweisung), the basic prerequisite is an activated account at

  1. Create a new project at The data to be collected there is your project data and you will receive a configuration key, which you should save for step 4.
  2. Add the app Sofortüberweisung to the rentingforce app center
  3. If applicable, define a surcharge for this payment method and a name for the extra charge that is billed to the customer (this step is optional)
  4. Enter the configuration key from step 1 into the field provided in rentingforce.
  5. The payment method should then be available for your customer. You can configure the need for payment before a booking according to the terms of payment in your account configuration.
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