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5 years

The customer area is from now on the new central portal for your customers, where they can place bookings, get booking information or settle outstanding payments. You can assign a custom domain for this workspace and adjust it to your visual demands.

Additionally, you can send automatic invites to your manually created customers, so that they can also access their booking information and messages online.

Customer Area Setup

Your customer area is automatically set up for you. You can change the domain under Settings.

Besides that, the displayed logo can be set in the Logo option.

Customer Invitations

To grant customers who hasn't signed up for themselves access to the customer area, you can send automatic invites. In this invite, the customer will find a link to set up a password, with which they can sign into the customer area later on. This invitation email can be customized under Templates / Email (type "customer invitation"). The available placeholders are listed there.

Customer Area Integration

In the customer integration center you can generate a integration code for your customer area into your website. To do this, navigate to Apps / Website Integration and select the widget Customer Area​​​. In websites created with rentingforce, the customer area is integrated automatically.

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