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Rental objects are generally summarized in rentingforce for easier management in object groups. That means you first set a object group of, for example, group A, and then create a rental object that you assign to this object group. Object groups are not assigned to a base.

For each object group you can upload files / images and set descriptions, so that these documents do not have to be uploaded or changed in any object anew. Objects groups play in the price system a major role, since the prices in a price catalog are always given only for object groups for each in the seasons, extras or discounts.

Object attributes which you have set in the object group are also automatically set to an object, but can be overwritten in the object itself.

A object group can be assigned to an object category. All objects with this object group are then automatically assigned to the object category.

Example: If you have a Mercedes ML420 SUV as a rental object, you can classify this object into the object group Mercedes SUV. In addition, you can classify the object group in the object category SUV.

To delete an object group, there should be no rental objects in this object group. In this case you first need to assign each rental object to another object group before the object group can be deleted.

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