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One-way rentals can be stored in a price catalog. Prices in a Price Catalog override the globally defined prices.

Specifically, a price is stored in a one-way rental for one direction, for example by base A to base B, which is then added to the rental price, if a one-way rental is selected.

One way rentals can be calculated accordingly only if the rental object has the same home base which is stored in the catalog.

If a origin and a target is specified, the surcharge applies to exactly this route. If the surcharge shall also apply to the opposite direction, an additional entry must be created. If the fee is due for all one-way departures from one base, the target can be left blank. The surcharge must be specified as a fixed amount.

It is also possible to define a price reduction instead of a surcharge. Instead of 300 EUR, you simply define -200 EUR for a specific route. This procedure is particularly recommended if a route is only strongly demanded in one direction.

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