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You can maintain your own homepage on rentingforce by clicking on Pages in the navigation point Website. There are both static content pages as well as dynamic page types. For example, the output of a data sheet of a rental object is supported.

You can create as many pages and create submenus by dragging a page to another page. By clicking on a page, an edit area opens.

The page editor supports basic formatting tasks and has also integrated a drag and drop file upload. Images can be easily adjusted in size with one click. Try not to include content from Word into the editor page, because formatting is not often taken and can lead to undesirable display errors in the worst case. It is best to add an unformatted text by copying it into an editor (such as Notepad) and then copy it into the page editor.

You can also set the settings for each page:

So each page title can be edited and also the URL part from which the site can be reached, eg the part of the Internet address page.html

In addition, various parameters for layout on each side can be adjusted again.

When you create a page of this page type can be defined once. The page type can not be changed after creation. As page types are currently available:

  • Content Page: you can enter your own text via WYSIWYG editor
  • Bases: list or image view of all bases
  • Featured Bases: selection of your bases
  • Booker: Online booking tool
  • Objects: list or image view of all objects
  • Object Groups: list or image view of all object groups
  • Object Sales: list or image view of all your objects for sale
  • Featured Object Groups: selection of your object groups
  • Areas: list or image view of all areas
  • Imprint: display of your adress and legal date
  • Sitemap: list of all your public pages
  • Link: link to another website
  • Contact: display of your contact data with contact form
  • Facebook: integration of Facebook stream
  • Special Offers: list or image view of all specials
  • HTML: HTML input to display individual web pages

All pages can be created in multiple languages. We will be happy to help you with the configuration of your own website.

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