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The payment terms define how a transaction must be paid by a customer or anagency.

Multiple partial payments can be created for a defined payment term, to pay, for example, 100% immediately or to pay 70% 30 days after the booking and 30% at the beginning of the rental. For each partial payment you define how many days after booking or how many days prior to start date of the rental it is due. A payment method can be specified for each partial payment. It is also possible to specify, for example, a deposit with a fixed price.

A standard payment term can be used individually for each customer and for eachagency.

For new clients and agencies you can set the standard payment term in the account settings. In the transaction the payment term is loaded automatically from the customer or by the agency base. You can adjust this manually in every transaction (for example, when it is a last-minute booking).

The individual part payments are automatically generated based on the selected terms of payment in each transaction. But even after the automatic creation of payments these can be adapted again in each transaction too.

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