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To enter a new rental rate, be sure that the columns indicate in which season the price applies and the row defines the valid object group (eg yacht group or vehicle group). The first line is valid for all object groups. If a price is defined for all object groups, then it is automatically valid for all object groups. This price can be overwritten by simply clicking and modifying the price on an object group.

Important: You can specify either gross or net prices. It is important that the input is made uniform. It can be adjusted later at the taxes, whether the taxes are to be calculated in addition to the rental rates or whether they should be eliminated.

We can change a price by clicking on the price or create a new price by clicking on No price.

This opens a dialog in which the data of a price can be changed.

Basically, the principle is such that the default value is displayed slightly grayed out. A property can be overridden if the checkbox is enabled in the line and the data is modified.

For a price, a name can be entered and a type. A price type can be defined as either a month-based, as a day-based or hour based. Month-based means that the price is for one month. Day-based means that the price is calculated according to the number of nights and consequently hour based on the number of hours.

The validity defines the weekdays on which the price applies. The property Available indicates whether the price is available or not.

The price is the rental price for the period indicated. If, for example, a price of 30,00 EUR is defined and including nights is set to 1, so this price is for one night only. If a price of 100.00 EUR and including nights is set instead to 4, so this price is valid for 4 nights.

The property Allow Splitting of Price allows that a price can be applied either as a whole or divided. If the price can only be applied as a whole and a customer would book only 2 days, the system calculates 2 * 1 day x 30 EUR = 60 EUR as the best deal. However, if it is allowed to split the price, the system would calculate 100 * 0.5 * 4 days 50 EUR as the best deal.

The validity of prices can be further restricted in terms of time and date.

So you can specify a start and end date for the validity of any prize.

The property Combine with allows you to set how rental rates are to be strung together. For example, if a customer wants to book two weeks, and only a weekly rate exists, this must be applied twice. This property defines then, is how to deal with the transition between these two tariffs, if there is a time gap.

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