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Prices are defined by price catalogs. You can create as many price catalogs and assign bases to them. Link your rental objects directly to an object group. In addition, each rental object has a so-called home base. That is the base (= rental station or rental location) which is associated with the rental object.

In the price catalogs the catalog prices, extra prices and discounts are defined. A object group can be for example a van or a sailing yacht. A price catalog in turn is assigned to one or more bases. For mobile rental objects one-way surcharges may be defined additionally.

All rental objects from this object group will then receive the defined price, if they have the same home base, for which the price catalog is valid.

The administration of prices is in the navigation point Prices. The sub-menu is further divided into:

  • Defaults: prices that are globally valid and will automatically become the preselection in all price catalogs
  • Seasons: definition, which seasons exist
  • Price Catalogs: definition of price catalogs
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