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At this point, all available rental objects are created. Each rental object is assigned to a base (also known as rental stations). It is possible that a rental property can be later transferred from one base to another base. Each rental object has a lot of options and master data. Navigate to the tab Object Attributes to define your own properties / additional custom attributes.

For the price calculation, the correct allocation into object groups is of great importance. In the tab Public Settings your uploaded images can be managed and sorted, but also the detailed description of the object as well as the summary which is displayed in the search result.

The rental object can also be labeled as for sale. Here, a date and a sales price can be specified. Owner of the rental object (eg yacht owners) can be managed via the tab owner. Among other things, it is possible to specify the date of purchase by the owner as well as owner-pools with their percentage.

There is also a file management system for other internal documents or public files like images, but also manufacturers descriptions and specifications.

Damage to a rental property can be managed via the Tab damage. It is possible to assign a specific transaction for a damage and indicate the status of damage. In addition, a damage report will be deposited in the files.

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