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In rentingforce, you can specify a minimum lease period (minimum rental period) / maximum lease period as well as specify the default monthly rental period (for example, one day or two weeks), for example for the own booking website. The data are given in hours, days, weeks and / or months. The following abbreviations are currently available:

  • D for days, for example 7D for 7 days
  • W for weeks, for example 4W for 4 weeks
  • M for months, for example, 3M for 3 months
  • H for hours, for example, T 6H for 6 hours.
  • M for minutes, for example, T 30M for 30 minutes.
  • Hours and smaller units must always be defined with a previous T
    • e.g. 14D T8H or T12H

The abbreviations can also be combined, for example, 6D T 14H stands for six days and 14 hours. Thus, a minimum renting period from Saturday 6 pm to Saturday 8 am can be realized.

In addition, the standard rental start date, ie, which start date is to be preselected in the online book form, e.g. Next Saturday - as well as a standard start of rental (as time) or a standard end of rental (as time).

Please contact support if you have detailed requirements for determining rental periods. Adjustments are usually relatively easy.

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