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Integration possibilities

You have the choice between two different ways to offer your customers an online booking.

  1. Integration into existing website
    If you are already running a website, this option is available. With the help of our website integration center, you can generate customizable and designable widgets for your website, which can be easily integrated and adapted to the existing design of your website.
  2. Creation of the website via rentingforce
    In addition, rentingforce offers the possibility to create a complete website in which online booking is already fully integrated. (See the website for more information).

Online booking, reservation and inquiry

The online form can, of course, also be restricted to the registration of reservations or inquiries. This keeps you in full control of your bookings and you can control requests manually. However, all processes are still integrated into the rentingforce process management, which means that for incoming inquiries and reservations, personalized e-mails to customers with offer documents can be sent to the customer with one click or even automatically.

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