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The Website Integration Center gives you the option to integrate the online booking into your website. This works with WordPress, Joomla or other CMS as well as with custom-built websites in HTML.

To do this, the following steps are necessary:

1. Set Up the Website Integration

Under Apps, the "Website Integration" app is available. This can be added to your account.

2. Enter the Domains

To avoid misuse, you must store the domains in which the site's integration is embedded. In this case, any number of domains can be stored and no protocol or path must be specified. Valid entries are e.g. "", "" or "localhost" (for testing on local systems). If your website is available under different domains and no forwarding to a uniform domain or subdomain is performed (for example, with and without www possible), all possibilities must be entered separately.

After the entry, the changes for the activation have to be saved.

3. Integrating the Integration Snippet

This snippet should be included in the head section of the site to provide the rentingforce framework in its website.

4. Generation and integration of the snippets

Now, so-called widgets can be integrated into the corresponding place of your website, which provide the functionality for the end user.

In this screenshot, for example, a booking button for a motorbike was generated at the Rome site, and the generated source code can be incorporated into your website. The design of the widgets should comply with the standards of their website and is customizable via CSS.

For developers

The generated widgets can, of course, be adapted as desired, the crucial codes are usually found in the onClick attributes or the "name" attributes (for forms). The rest (CSS classes, structure, labels, etc.) can be exchanged as desired.

The generated snippets access classes of the bootstrap framework, websites that build on this will take over the design of buttons etc. without any additional effort. If you do not use a CSS framework, you can customize the snippets as you like, or define the appropriate classes using CSS.

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