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Show Article: Smart Blocking

Booking gaps that go beyond the desired buffering times are undesirable in most cases and can have a negative effect on the profitability of companies. For this reason, rentingforce offers the smart blocking function, which can avoid booking gaps by blocking the object for specific times and offering alternative offers to the customer.

In the settings, the minimum and maximum length of a blocked gap can be set. If a booking would result in a gap between the minimum duration and the maximum duration, this booking is not allowed for end users and a corresponding warning is displayed if the booking is done by the provider.


A vehicle will be returned by 10:00, the next customer will take the vehicle at 18:00. If only one booking or a booking with a minimum of 3 days distance is allowed, a minimum of 1 day ("1D") and a maximum duration of 3 days ("3D") can be specified. If the customer now chooses a booking with a 2-day interval, he would be offered an alternative term without a distance and, of course, the possibility to request it in any case.

Smart Blocking and Blocking Times

The buffer times are added to the intervals for intelligent blocking, so the distance is determined between the standing and end data of the blocking on the object.

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