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The scale of our master data for transactions may not depict all of the necessary values. Each owner has his additional fields, so there is the function of the transaction attributes. These can be entered in addition to the default options from the system and then are available for all transactions.

When the Required box is checked, the field must be filled out by the user. Otherwise, the entry is optional.

The following field types are available:

  • Yes / No, for example, Additional Care?
  • String, for example, Partner name
  • Floating point number, for example, deductible: 50.00 USD
  • Integer such as minimum age in years: 18
  • Text: for a longer string
  • File: A file upload field
  • Selection box: choices can be defined by a list

For example, an additional property named "customer wants additional care". This attribute can be set active or inactive in each transaction. But you can also create an attribute that detects a text or numerical input, such as number of people.

You can specifiy the visibility of the field in the Visible on section. Depending on this setting, the field will be displayed in the specificed program section.

You can configure permissions like who is allowed to see the field and who has the write privilege for this field. For internal fields, which can not be seen by agencies and clients, you should use the default setting (permissions: none).

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