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Transaction Types in the Booking Process

Request: Clients and agencies can determine the price and availability for a rental item and a specified period by a non-binding request.

Reservation / Option: The rental item will be reserved for the chosen period. If the provider accepts/confirms the reservation it will be blocked. The provider has to set an end date for the reservation so if no binding contract comes into being (a booking occurs) the reservation decays automatically.

Booking: The rental item is booked.

Other Transaction Types

Blocking means that a rental item is not available on the requested dates. This can have various causes such as the use by an owner or maintenance for example.

A transfer means that an item changes the base. For example an object of base Alpha is routed to the base Bravo due to few parking lots or future needs.

Transfers are only available with mobile rental objects. Of course, properties cannot be moved.


You can create special offers comfortably on the availability calendar. If a special offer exists at a certain period of time, this will automatically overwrite the rent that is charged from the actual price catalog.

Special offers are valid only for the specified route in the applied transaction. In another route, the normal price will be loaded from the catalog.

Important: Note that a special offer transaction must be finalized so that it is included in the price calculation.

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