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Providers as well as agencies can create their own user accesses for employees. All actions can be verified in the logbook, ie which employee has edited or deleted which transaction or generally applied what data.

It is possible to assign a role to an access which has different permissions. These roles and settings for the default role can be adjusted via the Tab Authorizations.

You can create as many roles as you like and assign them later to accesses (logins for your employees). In addition, you can assign one or more bases to an access in the Edit dialog. Then this access, for example, can read only transactions of these specific bases (= rental location) and isn't allowed to edit them.

Each access can be individually disabled, as well as the password and profile data such as email or name can be changed. However, it is for security reasons not possible to view the password of access, once it has been set.

In addition, an access can be defined as "administrator access". The stored role then has no meaning, since this access already has all permissions.

Attention: A user with administrative access can delete other administrators - including your account.

Note: The fine-grained permission system in rentingforce one hand allows the rapid work with a few employees, as well as the fine-tuning with a larger staff base. If you have questions about the authorization system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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