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Show Article: Why are my prices not calculated automatically when I create a booking?

The following conditions must be fulfilled so that a price can be calculated automatically:

  1. An object must be active and be in a likewise active object group.
  2. A global price must be defined for this object group or a tariff group / price catalog must exist.

The following conditions must be fulfilled so that a tariff group can be considered:

  1. At least one season has to exist
  2. At least on price catalog has to exist
  3. The price catalog must be linked in the tab Bases with the desired base.
  4. The season has to be linked in the tab Season Assigments in the price catalog (with a valid time span, including the start and end date of a booking).
    Please make sure that there are no gaps in the definition, since otherwise no price can be calculated for seasonal transfers. You will also be warned about these gaps in the price catalog.

For further information please contact our support team available.

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